Our products are made of sustainably produced Finnish birch wood and high-quality steel. Laser cutting wood gives the sides and the backside of the items a little burn which makes the items livelier and gives them depth. All our products are made in at our small workshop in Joensuu, Finland.


Birch wood in many colors

Smoked oak (not available on all products)

Black acrylic (not available on all products)

All metal parts are high quality stainless steel.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to upload photos of all the color options that are available. 

How to order:

In color option choose the surface color of the item. If you choose Birch, then the item will come completely in birch wood with a wooden birch layer on top. All painted colors are painted birch wood, Black (Acrylic) is completely black acrylic with a shiny surface and smoked oak is birch wood with a smoked oak surface on both sides.

When you choose the color/material you want and press ‘add to cart’ -button, the item will be added to your cart in the option you chose. The color of the product can be a different in the cart as well, but it will be made and sent in the color you chose!