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We started our company in 2014 and our mission is to make natural and lightweight jewelry that looks great and high-quality design products at affordable prices.

We make all our own products and sell them to you directly from our workshop in Finland. We have a large number of designs and a lot of colour options to make sure everyone finds what they like!

Our products are made of ethically and sustainably produced Finnish birch wood or from high quality steel and acrylic.

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Save 36%
Unenvartija wall clock -
Guardian of Sleep wall clock
€44.90 €69.90
Save 49%
Hertta-nappikorvakorut - Kirkkaanpunainen - Samaskoru.fiHertta-nappikorvakorut -
Save 33%
Lähde-korupuu - Samaskoru.fiLähde-korupuu -
Fountain jewelry tree
€39.90 €59.90
Save 55%
Snautseri wall clock - Puu -
Schnauzer wall clock - Wood
€44.90 €99.90
Save 36%
Yorkshirenterrieri wall clock -
Yorkshire Terrier wall clock
€44.90 €69.90